Who are we?

Indivisible Northeast Ohio (INEO) is an action-oriented, nonprofit group based on the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide. Written by former congressional staffers, the guide is intended to help progressives organize locally and convince their members of Congress to reject issues that promote intolerance and isolationism.

Members of INEO believe the Trump administration is attempting to reshape America into an authoritarian, nationalistic society, and we must stand together—indivisible—if we are to succeed in resisting these efforts. We also believe that anger, channeled in a productive and meaningful way, can lead to positive change, but we reject name-calling, belittling, or shaming our fellow human beings.

We follow the principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide:

  1. Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped. 
  2. Focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy. We demand that our own local Members of Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC. Embrace progressive values.
  3. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.
Our Contributors

We are three working moms, Emily Lanier, Gretchen Caldwell Rinnert, and Rebekah Cotton, who came together to start Indivisible Northeast Ohio. We wanted to unite our community and fight the rhetoric of our current president with love, protest, and positive strategies. We believe this administration’s policies and ideas are dangerous. By galvanizing community support and action, we plan to fight hate, dangerous government policies, and harmful legislation. We are here to stand tall and fight for those without a voice.

Mission Statement

Indivisible Northeast Ohio advocates for an open, accountable government that promotes equal rights, opportunity, and representation for all residents of northeast Ohio and beyond.

Our Goals
  • To resist policies that promote intolerance and isolationism.
  • To make our communities safer, healthier, more vibrant, and more inclusive.
  • To educate ourselves and our community members on issues that affect our lives and the lives of future generations.
  • To listen respectfully to those with opposing views in the hopes of finding common ground and moving toward policies that will benefit society as a whole.