Tell Your State Rep to Vote ‘No’ on HB 41 and ‘Yes’ on HB 14

Why HB 41 is bad for democracy

Currently, Ohio voters only need their social security number for early and absentee voting. HB 41, however, would create barriers to early voting—particularly for women and minorities—by requiring additional identification and limiting the process for those who rely on early voting.

This measure would require an additional form of ID for early voting, which is problematic for those without a driver’s license, permanent address, or other form of ID. This will discourage minorities in particular from early voting and complicate an already-restrictive process.

Why HB 14 deserves a YES vote

HB 14 would automatically register any legal Ohio resident with a driver’s license, citizenship verified through the Ohio BMV office, thus opening up maximum potential for voting in the state and maximum potential for individual participation in the democratic process.

Contact your rep today!

INEO urges you to call or write your Ohio rep to let him or her know how you feel about HB 41 and HB 14. Not sure who your Ohio rep is or how to contact them? Click here to quickly find their name, phone, and address:

House District Map
To find your district and the representative who represents you, refer to the map below. You may also search for your representative by name, district number or zip code on the bottom left corner of the homepage, or by contacting your county’s board of elections.

Not registered?

You can register online with a driver’s license. Just click here to get started. The deadline for the May primaries in April 3, so don’t miss out!

Featured image of Franklin County Early Voting Center, Columbus, Ohio by Flickr user Chris Goldberg