Russian Investigation Is a Very Big Deal – and Even Includes Breitbart

Imagine someone had told you, a few years ago, that the FBI would soon be investigating a possible plot by a Republican presidential campaign to help Russia interfere in the US election — and that this interference had ultimately helped Donald J. Trump become president of the United States. You would have laughed out loud, or maybe accused them of confusing reality with a particularly lurid Tom Clancy novel.

But that’s exactly what’s going on in our country. The notion that a US president could be involved in something so preposterous damages our democracy, our standing in the world, and our trust in government. The fact that the FBI is taking it seriously says volumes.

Read Vox’s take on how damaging this story is and then check out McClatchy, which is reporting that the FBI probe is also focusing on Russian connections with Breitbart and InfoWars websites.

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