Trump Has Yet too Reach Out to Any Democrats on Obamacare (Huffington Post)

In 2009, President Obama appointed three Republicans to his cabinet. He also reached out to rival Hillary Clinton and promptly offered her the position of Secretary of State.

How is Trump doing by comparison? So far, there’s no sign that Trump will appoint any Democrats to his cabinet. And as a new president, he seems to relish humiliating his former detractors and rivals.

When President Obama sought to pass the Affordable Care Act, he spent months trying to convince moderate Republican senators to support the bill, but Trump has made no effort to reach across the aisle to gain support for his health care plan, yet he will need Democratic votes.

“Trump’s refusal to explore the possibility of cross-party collaboration may stand in sharp contrast to Obama’s approach, but it is also an illustration of the widely divergent philosophical approaches each has taken to health care reform,” reports the Huffington Post.

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