Clyde’s Statement On HB 41, Targeted Attack On Ohio’s Early Voters

Mar. 15, 2017—State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) issued the following statement after the first hearing on House Bill (HB) 41, a bill that targets Ohio’s in-person early voters with a more difficult ID requirement but leaves mail voters’ ID requirements unchanged:

“When a bill like this shows up on the committee schedule, it can look harmless. But if you scratch the surface, you see exactly who it goes after – minority voters, women voters, and Democratic voters who use in-person early voting more than other groups. While purportedly about reducing paperwork, HB 41 is really an attack on an easy voting method that many Ohioans juggling work and family like to use. I’ve served these voters and know there is no need to change the ID requirement on them.

You can find Clyde’s statement at The Ohio House of Representatives website.