Obama ’17? Oui, on peut

The French will vote for a new president in April amid political disarray—the Brexit vote in the UK, the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, and the rise of nationalism throughout Europe and the United States.

Five candidates are running for the office, including Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, France’s far right political party. Le Pen, who has been rising in the polls, has promised to take France out of the EU if elected. She’s anti-immigrant in a big way and considered a “racist” by many.

Another leading contender is Francois Fillon, a center right candidate who is now under investigation over allegations that he paid his wife public money for work she didn’t do.

Some French voters are not particularly pleased with their options.

In fact, four French friends, who say they’re fed up with voting against a candidate rather than for one, say they want President Obama in France’s highest office. They’ve been plastering “Obama 17” signs around Paris with Obama’s image and the words “Oui on peut” (Yes, we can). And, yes, they have collected more than 42,000 signatures calling for Obama to become the 25th president of France.

Of course the 44th U.S. president couldn’t run in France even if he wanted to. That pesky issue of his birthplace simply will not go away.